The audience section of your influencer profiles provides you with the basic demographics data regarding each influencer's audience:

  • We analyze up to the latest 150 posts of an audience member, looking specifically for location tags, languages in bio descriptions and captions. This allows us to accurately discern where they are from (country and city).

  • Audience Reachability helps to identify which of your followers and likers are actively engaged with other accounts by broken down the percentage of their own followings. This is especially useful for pinpointing mass-followers.

  • What Influential Followers means is the percent of an influencer's followers who have influence over others ( accounts with 1000+ followers).

  • By analyzing profile pictures and latest selfies with the help of Social Data photo analysis technology, as well as checking bio descriptions (where available), we are able to determine gender and age.

  • Language identification is based on the analysis of followers' bio descriptions and captions of recent posts.

  • Interests are guessed based on the captions, mentions, hashtags and location tags used by a user's followers. The latest 150 posts are analyzed (or more than 150 posts if they have been published within the last two months).

We offer three distinct evolution graphs:

  1. The Follower Evolution tab displays the changes in your total follower count over time.

  2. Following Evolution shows the evolution of the total number of accounts that the influencer follows.

  3. Likes Evolution allows users to see how their engagement with an audience has changed over time.

The following graphs are not displayed until there is enough historical data to observe the trends. This usually occurs within a one week period, after which point the data will be updated. If you do not see the graphs below upon first inspection of this report, please check back at a later time.

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