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How does AI-Match™ work?
How does AI-Match™ work?

The first user-facing social media growth AI engine ⚡️

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Plixi introduces the first social media growth integration of its kind with the launch of AI-Match™, helping you attract ideal followers up to 15x better with AI.

Using the AI-Match™ module allows you to train the AI engine to identify your ideal Instagram followers automatically. The features leverages our over 10M+ Instagram data points to attract your ideal follower type.

You can train the AI engine by simply swiping left & right on suggested Instagram profiles – Tinder style! 😉

Plixi's machine learning module uses your input to automatically identify the details you're looking for in your new followers, such as: content quality, niche/industry, overall account quality, followers/following/posts ratios and counts and 35+ other anchor points.

📈 During our private beta testing phase, early testers have seen on average a ≈380% increase in follower quality based on multiple thorough surveys. We've seen cases where the growth in follower quality reached up to 1,500% as the AI engine had enough time to optimize the target audience.

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